The following activities will be offered during the day. Most of these offers will be included in the registration package fee, but a few may be booked individually. Please see the registration form for details. A precise schedule will be published after registration will be closed:


  • Workshop for beginners with Lydia Kavina
  • Workshop for beginners with Thierry Frenkel
    Different approaches of both teachers complement one another which could make it proficient for aspiring thereminists to partake in both workshops.


  • Theremin performance and music for theremin by Lydia Kavina
  • How the theremin works and its technical issues and interaction with the player by Thierry Frenkel

Theremin Ensemble

  • All play together, a guided improvisation conducted by Lydia Kavina. For theremin players of all levels and music styles.


  • Beyond The Presets
    The theremini comes supplied with a selection of presets intended to illustrate that range of voices available. Gordon will describe, explain and demonstrate the process of using the Moog Theremini Editor app to develop a performance-ready set of custom built voices for the theremini’s digital wave table synthesiser. He will then go on to demonstrating and discussing the use of MIDI hardware and software to extend the capabilities of the instrument. Gordon’s presentation will conclude with an open-ended discussion of the limitations and capabilities of the theremini in particular and the future of the theremin as a hybrid instrument, adopting ideas from mainstream synthesiser technology.
  • interACT & Connect (formerly Theremin Bollards)
    will be giving a talk on the benefits of their devices and 
    Theremin omni-directional technology within both a therapeutic and public art installation context. This project has worked closely with therapists, researchers and organisations such as the Natural History Museum and National Science Museum to further develop unique strategies for both disciplines. interACT & Connect  devices will be installed throughout the day for delegates to experience first hand. David Young and Paul Fothergill will be available to discuss their work and to give insight into its future development.

Individual lessons

  • Individual lessons for advanced players can be booked with Lydia Kavina, and, in case of strong demand (and time left), Thierry Frenkel will be available, too.

Theremin service – upgrade – repair

  • Basic service: Full check, internal adjustment and tuning for optimal pitch and volume field geometry and response. All current theremin models.
  • ESPE01 module installation: Add-on which increases the pitch range of the Etherwave Standard and Plus theremins by up to two octaves into the bass register, improves the linearity and gives nicer timbres. Actually the most efficient way to “professionalize” your Etherwave theremin. The basic service will be included in that offer since the module installation requires automatically retuning the instrument.
  • Other fixes, repairs, and modifications: On demand. Please detail your request on the registration form. Thierry will write you back with a quote.