To make things simple for everybody, we grouped the multiple offers into a package structure:

  • Listener’s package (£20/£10*) 
    Listen to all presentations, lectures, the concert, and (as a passive participant) to the workshops, lessons and the ensemble.
  • Participants’s package (£40/£20*) 
    Like the listener’s package, but with active participation in the theremin ensemble and one workshop or individual lesson of your choice (please select your option in the registration form).
  • Concert only (£5/free*)

You may book with either of the above packages some additional options:

  • Additional workshop or individual lesson (£30/£15*)
  • Theremin service, maintenance, and optimization (£15)
    Get your theremin (Moog Etherwave Standard and Plus, all Wavefront and B3 models, others on demand) thoroughly checked and its internal adjustments optimized for best playability and expression.
  • Theremin upgrade with the ESPE01 module (£60)
    Get the ESPE01 module installed into your Moog Etherwave Standard or Plus theremin, and obtain a wider pitch range (up to +2 octaves in the bass register), better linearity and nicer timbres. Comprises the service, maintenance, and optimization above

* Reduced prices apply to young persons up to age 11

Tea and Coffee will be provided during the day.
Lunch and dinner will be organised and charged additionally for that day.